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       Proudly Made in America                 
         Minute Video showing & explaining why and how our Driver-4 is Very Good, Driver-5 Better, and (Driver-5/Puller is the talk of every Barn Yard) All Drivers mount onto Tractor Buckets. Every T-post is held up in our Driver barrel that aids greatly with Safety and Convenience.  Left Click-on to view our video >        "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oPIomYkqow"  Our Drivers are so versatile in saving you massive's amount of time and very hard work = to money) For $90.70 > Driver-4 /3/4 inch Front Clamp) Delivered. (Driver-5 & 3/4" Front Clamp > $164.70) add $30. for Puller! $20 has already been add in for shipping  (see side-bar for DRIVERS-4 & 5) When buying our Driver's you choose the right size Front-Clamp needed to fit on your bucket.  Below pics. is more info. on Front-Clamps.  Please call me or leave your phone number and I will call you. This in the long-run will save you time and you will have what you need to drive tee posts. (1-580-747-9288) Please when ordering with your card use the card's billing address then shipping address where ever needed, Thanks  Z
3/4 Front-Clamp at 3 inches Deep 
     We will ask you to please drill a 1/2 inch hole through your bucket when using any of our Clamps. The reason for a hole is that this firmly mounts our Clamps and Drivers onto your bucket. Driving in T-posts we found to be extremely violent. Our 3/4 Front-Clamp at 3 inches back or off the cutting edge mounts to 95% of all New Farm and Industrial Buckets. If you need a deeper Clamp say 5 inches deep off the cutting edge call 580-747-9288. We have added washers in case your bucket is a little thinner. If ever you get or use a heaver bucket you probably wouldn't need to buy another Clamp. We do sell a smaller 1/2 inch gapped Front-Clamp. (recap) Having a lighter bucket may be the better option to go with the 3/4 Front-Clamp? That does mean you will have to drill or cut a 1/2 hole in your bucket 3 inches from edge. The sweet spot for that 1/2 inch hole and Clamp is on the right side of your bucket's cutting edge or on the same side as your hand hydraulics levers. (Universal-Clamp) is designed for the-off-the-wall-idea that has a one-of-a-kind-mounting. Side-Mounting our Universal-Clamp to your bucket takes two 1/2 inch drilled or cut holes. This mounting could work the warble-joint on the Driver knuckle to the max. Timing our Driver onto your bucket is probably needed and doable with help from our Timing-Paper to help get you started. The way to check out all our Drivers and Prices is at the top of your side-bar.
    If purchasing off the Inter-net is unappealing then send a check for your preferred Driver & Clamp then add $20 for shipping (For U.S. customers only) (Bucckdriver.com 1618 Indian Dr. Enid, Ok 73703) Thanks Z

Our Drivers are so different. (We were lucky enough to invent a new & good out of the box product.) So Customizing each part could help you maximize your operation. In a short time we can explain how the right tool saves you time and money and how each part fits into your operation. We have people standing by (1-580-747-9288) to help. (Our prices are still Wholesale prices or at half-priced. If we allowed our products to go into the retail market just double each price.)  We have placed (reviews or testimonials) in the left side-bar. (This is a sample of different Farmers with different dirt that have bought & used our Drivers. They tells it all! Also we have New Video shows our Driver being worked rebuilding an old Okla. fencerow. < SPAN>Driver-5 is pressing posts 2Ft. down into hard dirt. Go to Google write in Bucketdriver2010 and click. To see for yourself that we do have the best driver for your hard earned money Go into Google and right in (Tee post drivers) and compare. Our Side-Bar also has (Driver Pictures) showing us working with Driver 5.Below these pictures we have laid out how our drivers would work best for your operation. (We are aware of Chinese tee posts in our American market. They are of a softer metal and they to press in just fine.) We have asecured line for your credit cards and would place your order for you. Your Tractor Loader could be doing all your heavy tee post driving work for a very small price to learn more read on or please contact us for ?s  (1-580-7479288) &info@bucketdrivercom.We own sole rights to buck

 Our best Driver is(Driver 5) When wanting to gun & run with new Tee posts. Our Front-Clamp mounts only at the cutting edge of your tractor bucket and seems to work the best as far as positioning. For the Front Clamp to work the best you should know the thickness of your buckets cutting edge. The Universal- Bracket could be placed in the same area as the Front-Clamp as well as other positions. We do have a new video up on YouTube. After in YouTube write in (tee post drivers) to see how our Driver is different and please compare us to all the other Driver Companies or go to Google write in Bucketdriver2010 Here is how and why our drivers work so good & of course each driver is built bullet proof!. All one does is reach up and pull a Tee-post out from your Tractor Bucket. Throw that T-post up in our driver barrel past the spring. Move forward into position set brake tractor, start your press down. Now tilt to keep tee post going straight while pressing down. A (Mech.-Level) would aid in help keeping tee posts straight when pressing. This helps all energy to transferred straight down the post. The post has nowhere else to go but into the ground. Posts are released in fencerow by just lifting Loader back up. Reach once again into the bucket to pull-out another new T-post. Pull up forward and throw tee post up in empty barrel and repeat time and time again. Your tractor lifts everything up and over new and old fences. No more lifting or pounding just pressing in your posts. Good for new and used T-posts  if the top ends of your posts are not mushroomed over also watch out for poorly or badly sheered off posts. If you do reuse a lot of T-posts and the tops are beaten over  or even twisted then (Driver-4) is the best for your operation. Driver-4 barrel is mostly open and can handle these used posts. When driver and post are in place before pressing down please unsnap clamp to release clamp pressure then go ahead and press in. Saves on the old wear and tear. All drivers have an off-set swivel and are designed to hang straight when loaded with a post. Operator is also able to Swivel Driver in any direction to allow correct setting to your fence-row. Best to bolt your new Driver farthest from your front tire & to one side. The right side seems most covenant for most tractors because of your hand hydraulics however very small tractors as well as Skid-Loaders might struggle with having enough weight even after adding sand inyour bucket. The middle of your bucket mounting may be your best option.<(call us on how to test for this) Throw a chain or rope over your bucket near your New Driver to use as a marker for setting in T-posts. When that chain touches the ground your T-post is in at the right depth. No more measuring each T-post. Now for very very extremely (Harden Ground)  The first idea for getting your posts in would be to go to your local muffler shop and drag along something that would make a handle. A shop that bends their own pipe. Buy a straight piece of pipethe size that will slide handily down your tee post at the length that is the height of your tee post minus the length of the driver and minus depth you want to go above the post's spade. Hopefully for a couple more dollars. they will weld on your handle. Please add more safety procedures to this part of your operation. (Their are a lot more pinch-points for you to watch out for) Note (By the time we were to mail you this pipe your cost would be more than triple). Second idea is a gas powered high pressure water sprayer would aid in by forcing open & softening up that hole and allowing you to press your tee posts. through.5 gal water sealed plastic bucketwith short hose to pump would make it mobile.(Universal-Bracket & Front-Clamps) holds our Drivers. Front-Clamps are directly sold to fit your tractor bucket and that is determined by the thickness of your bucket's cutting edge and inward 4 to 5 inches deep. If this clamp is bought a little loose or for a larger bucket please add washers. (Universal-Bracket) allows you to mount any where even on the side of bucket. This will move our drivers out and over 4" more to the side of your tractor. However the knuckle positioning has a general starting point. The Front-Clamp position does allow for a quicker Driver recovery time and has a greater movement range. Universal-Bracket owners could mount this clamp anywhere and also in the same place as the Front-Clamp. One would just have to cut or blow out the second hole. Not believed to be your best choice for position. Fit Universal-Bracket & Driver together, stand them upon one of your T-posts. Lean everything up against your bucket box at the most convenient highest outer edge or farthest from right front tire. Tilt bucket ram out 4" to 6". (The smaller the Tractor the more tilt you would want). Your Driver is positioned in a way that posts in your bucket wont fall out when operating your tractor. Max back-tilt could be helpful. Now level clamp out & mark the holes off the Mount onto your bucket to drill or cut out. Quick note again the Universal-Clamp could also be bolted in the same area as the Front-Clamp. Deep presses experiment with kicking the bottom of each post out a little past level and if needed tilt back or back tractor up to keep posts level. If you mess up and the post is a little off level you can push the post back level by hand. After driving in 6 posts with either type Clamp & Driver your job becomes routine. Post-Puller is and add-on offered only in Driver-5 for now. At the bottom we have aligned a 5/8 pin to hold the post when removing unwanted posts.Just slide Driver-5 barrel down 3 tee post notches. Set pin in place and then get way back out of post range when lifting. Remember sole responsibility lies with you so set your routine up with safety in mind. Any Questions please call 1-580-747-9288 and ask for Mike. We have a 30 day refund or exchange on all Drivers and Clamps. We use U.S. Postal to deliver our freight in 3 to 4 days delivery. This mailing seems to be the best price for your money and along with our whole-sale pricing adds greatly to your savings. We do own the exclusive rights by U.S. Law.  Bucke-T-Driver is a subsidiary of Bucke-Tee, LLC certifies compliance with O.S.H.A. law. Any company attempting to copy our reproduce, Uncle Sam & Bucketdrive would graciously like to have a heads up. Read safety information and disclaimer on website before operating your Bucketdriver. Manufactured in USA. Bucketdriver 1618 Indian Dr. Enid Ok. 73703

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