Proudly Made in America  (Four New Products)
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Drivers when sold with our Front 
Clamp are sold by the cutting 
edge thickness of Your tractor 
bucket. Our Clamps are u-
shaped above and goes beneath 
that cutting edge. We have 
different size gaps from ½ up to 
2 inch. We also have longer 
lengths back from the edge, 
inch is standard, 5 ½ inch is our 
deep our longer Clamp. A ½ inch 
hole is drilled through your
bucket to hold each Front Clamp                 

Drive your t-posts one every minute. Driver-5 is faster and has more math, technology to automatically hold and release new or clean posts up into driver barrel. As to Driver-4 will take on old beat-up and new posts. You will have to close the bottom clamp just firmly to hold each tee post up in the barrel. The advantages with both are. You are way faster because you can see what you are doing and no one has to be under foot. You already have the most costly part to this  work equation and that is your Hydraulic Tractor-Loader. The safety and quickness for this simple tool is unbelievable. We have also designed our Drivers to allow tee post placement in your finished or built fencerow. As far as we know we have the only Driver that can be raised up over your fencerow and press in a new tee post where needed.  Our State College has driven 20 miles of tee posts with one of our Driver-5's in eighteen different work sights. The crew had nonbelievers and thought they would need to improve on this Driver-5. These men suspicions have been proven wrong and our Driver-5 works on. We have add a Tee Post Puller on the bottom if you need one for convenance and our last invention is our Quick Gage that has an extended pin and swing-set-chain for adjustment to match your fence high. When chain weight touches the Ground you are done driving in that tee post. Be prepared to be amazed. Video on  

                       You-tube =

       Driver-5 with 3/4 Front Clamp fits 85% of all Buckets 
We will ask you to please drill a 1/2 inch hole through your bucket when using any of our Clamps. The reason for a hole is that this firmly mounts our Clamps and Drivers onto your bucket. Driving in T-posts we found to be extremely violent. Our 3/4 Front-Clamp at 3 inches back or off the cutting edge mounts to 95% of all New Farm and Industrial Buckets. If you need a deeper Clamp say 5 inches deep off the cutting edge call 580-747-9288. We have added washers in case your bucket is a little thinner. If ever you get or use a heaver bucket you probably wouldn't need to buy another Clamp. We do sell a smaller 1/2 inch gapped Front-Clamp. (recap) Having a lighter bucket may be the better option to go with the 3/4 Front-Clamp? That does mean you will have to drill or cut a 1/2 hole in your bucket 3 inches from edge. The sweet spot for that 1/2 inch hole and Clamp is on the right side of your bucket's cutting edge or on the same side as your hand hydraulics levers. (Universal-Clamp) is designed for the-off-the-wall-idea that has a one-of-a-kind-mounting. Side-Mounting our Universal-Clamp to your bucket takes two 1/2 inch drilled or cut holes. This mounting could work the warble-joint on the Driver knuckle to the max. Timing our Driver onto your bucket is probably needed and doable with help from our Timing-Paper to help get you started. The way to check out all our Drivers and Prices is at the top of your side-bar.
    If purchasing off the Inter-net is unappealing then send a check for your preferred Driver & Clamp then add $20 for shipping (For U.S. customers only) ( 1618 Indian Dr. Enid, Ok 73703) Thanks Z