About Us

Tee-post driver is designed with safety in mind. Tee-Posts were placed in fence-rows by leveling out his tractor bucket and pushing down. The dryer and harder the ground the more dangerous the pushes became causing the posts to squirm about.  I have always come up with new ideas to prevent lost of time or by making some tool to keep me from over exerting myself. I have done this several times rather than coming up with a new idea for a new type job. So this seemed right up my alley. I went to work and  came up with what you know now as the BucketDriver.com product line. Here is proof that any person with more stick-to-it than smarts and having a strong desire to do better can start a business in the U.S. of A. BucketDriver.com is an ongoing project and we will change this sight as we go forward. We have secured trademark and reserved all design copyrights as the law allows. Please shop around on our sight. If you have any questions we will try and answer them.    Thanks for shopping with us!  ask for Mike 580-747-9288