All About Drivers

BucketDriver was designed with safety in mind. All 5 of our different type Drivers will fit any Farm and Ranch tee-post. Our drivers are high performance and respond positively to your farming and ranching operational needs. Driver-I is the simplest and most reasonable. A smaller pin to hole ratio allows side to side movement. This unit is for the operation that needs to place just a few Tee-posts in a fence once in a while. Driver-II is the next step up. A smaller pin to hole ratio allows side to side movement. Operators have the convenient choice to either start up the tractor or manually drive in a few tee-posts. Driver-III is every reasonable unit for the price. A smaller pin to hole ratio allows side to side movement. The bottom clamp holds the tee-post while moving into position. This equipment does more of the work by allowing the hanging tee-post to be swiveled and aligned while being lowered on to the fencerow. This unit remains level in almost all operational conditions.  Driver-IV is similar to Driver-III with and added 3/4 welded hitch knuckles mounted for the head components. This allows for faster alignments with a tighter head fit having more surface area on the pin that could be used on extremely dry or hard ground. Driver-V is our advanced unit. Slide a tee-post in up past the spring latch at your convenience. Tractor operator would then move into fencerow for alignment. An operator could align and simultaneously drive the tee-post signal-handedly form their tractor. All that is needed to remove driver off from driven tee-post is to just lift driver back up. The more our driver does for you the faster one can get down that fencerow. The rule that I go by is (you want to work the equipment not the equipment to work you!) At the end of a day that adds up on all sides even your safety. All our drivers allow an extra step away from the tee-post and aids in fewer and safer repetitions to your tee-post operation.