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  • DRIVER-3 our BAR3/BON3S:Barrel only and Clamp

  This Driver is mainly for the Farms & Ranchers who knows their land and what their tractors can and can’t do. We picked out a Front/Clamp 1 inch opening and 6 1/2 inches deep. This size fits 98% of all farm buckets. If you have your tractor bucket’s two measurements at the end of your order is the comment/section place those two measurements in there and we will fit your bucket the closest that we have. We have some Clamps in operation that stick out 2 inches and are shimmed up because the owners have two different sized tractor buckets. We always try to fit your largest bucket so you can use the same Clamp. There never been a problem as long as the bottom of your bucket is shimmed flat to our Clamps.

    Farm Utility Tractors have been used to press down Tee Posts from their beginning. The problems are leveling out the bucket over a tall tee post then the post has to slide as the bucket comes down. It’s just not a sure thing and posts will drive down much easier if they can bow each Tee Post toward your tractor just a little. So with our system you back your tractor up as you press down (after you plant 6/posts you are an expert). Secondly. Dry ground or Desert/Duty should have these words added to it (impossible without help). Our Drives make this way easier but extremes are challenging for everyone. We have added other ideas to combat dry ground on other papers. FIRST RULE is you don’t do any more than you just have to. To get them Tee posts in! Third problem. Your utility tractor shouldn’t have an implement hanging off the back. (This turns your tractor into a teeter/tauter and you lose the engine front weight advantage. 2 options Lower implement to the ground when pressing or remove. It is already tough for compact/tractors with their light engines.) How to help? Clamp placement or sweet/pot is Right Hand corner (that is still your choice.) With our Front-Clamp the bucket is tilted up allowing weight to be added, filling the right corner of your bucket. To be clear too much weight will make the lifting and lowering dangerous but some weight it fine. (The very best place to add weight is between the front tires.) Time to place your t-posts in the box with the posts sticking out over the right and please take it slow at first until you have your safety operations of your help down. Please always operate with your safety in mind. 

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