All Drivers are 2" steel  pipe  and are 14" to 18" long  (Drivers  IV use a bottom 6" or 6.5" locking long nose pliers to hold tee-posts up in the Driver barrel. These grips needs only to be slightly snug & should be released before driving down tee-post. This will stop excessive wear.) (Driver V has a spring latch to hold a tee-post up in the barrel & a housing to protect this spring.) (universal  bracket) are 3/8" thick by 2" steel plate & drilled holes are 1/2" for mounting. Two 3/4" holes to secure driver.) Front-Clamps are 3/8" by 2" & 1/2" by 1.5" thick plate the clamp has a threaded 1/2 hole and two 3/4" holes for mounting Drivers.) ( All 1/2" bolts are grade 5.) (After purchasing driver and clamp our hope is you paint a bright safety color of your choosing before using. We do own the exclusive rights by U.S. Law.  Bucke-T-Driver is a subsidiary of Bucke-Tee, LLC certifies compliance with O.S.H.A. law. Any company attempting to copy our reproduce, Uncle Sam & Bucketdrive would graciously like to have a heads up. Read safety information and disclaimer on website before operating your Bucketdriver.All safety is on the operator.  Manufactured in USA. Bucketdriver 1618 Indian Dr. Enid Ok. 73703                   Copyright     2004 Bucke-Tee IIC. All Rights Reserved (c)