Puller on Driver-4

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   (pulling posts)  Driver-4 Clamp is set closed but with an opening of 3/8” to 1/4” open not tight. Now slide Drivers-4 barrel onto and over old tee post at least 4 post-notches or 6 inches down, set pin in or across; then step out of post range when lifting. 2-old used t-posts with mushroomed tops slide up into barrel and press into ground. Find an old t-post (Tougher has more cast-iron) Now shorten post to approx. 3 1/2 ft. and sharpen the bottom and first notch. Use puller pin to hold in barrel now press down lift up replace with new post drive now go back in same hole. One could add water before driving back down. The idea is to never/never doink your helper.Set your routine up with safety in mind for pinch, crunch points. Sole responsibility lies with you so please work safely. Any Questions please call- 1-580-747-9288   (Copyrighted all rights reserved)   ©  

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