From: John Leaf <[email protected]>
Subject: Misc.
To: "Mike Zweifel" <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2011, 6:22 PM

Mike - #1: The postdriver works beyond my wildest expectations!
            #2: I took the liberty of suggesting to the editor of "Living the Country Life" magazine that they make their readers aware your magnificent invention. They said they'd look into it.  Hope you don't mind.  If so, my serious apologies.
                                                 (Jack's farm is in Nothern New Mexico)
From: "Randy Manley" [email protected]


           Dreading putting in some fence before the snow comes... I drug out your driver yesterday and put it on the tractor, expecting some problems, bent T-posts at the very least! My helper slid the first post into the driver, the post went down to the depth I wanted in about 3 seconds or less... I had a smile from ear to ear, I told my helper "this is just WAY too easy" The entire fence project I expected to spend 3 days at, we did in 6 hours, including lunch!!! The part I was dreading the most, became "fun". As you can tell this thing paid for itself the first time. When my wife came out to see how we were doing, I told her "you have got to see this thing", she has been telling everyone about this post driver! But now she thinks putting up fence is more play than work!!! (I should not have shown it to her.) Now I'm thinking where else can I use some more fencing!!! You should not be advertising this as a "tool", this is more like a big boy's "toy" :) THANKS, Randy Manley from Indiana PS.  I have not forgotten how helpful you were and the time spent with me on the phone when buying this. GREAT product and service! Thanks Again


"mike Zweifel" <[email protected]>


To Randy      

       Randy I have read what you wrote about 100 times. Thank you. Could I please use this if I take off your e-mail and your last name. I would love to show this. Your kind words have already helped me and could get others to trust Bucketdriver or at least open a door. Either way you are now in my WILL for somewhere under 10,000.   Your friend Mike  --- On Sun, 11/21/10, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote


 Randy Manley<[email protected]>



        Sure, you may use any or all of it, including my name and e-mail address if you wish, with nothing expected or asked for in return, your invention of this thing is my payment. There have been many of times I have looked for reviews of something, in the reviews you find out what the product is really like, not just the sales pitch, so I hope this will help not only you, but even more importantly will help make other peoples job a little (or in this case, a "lot") easier by making the right decision to buy one of these. My wife and I are still talking about it. I told her yesterday "if people would try this post driver first, they would be willing to pay double the price".  


   Your post driver turned out to be more than just a money saver, time saver, and back saver......  (Keep in mind I am 60 years old...)   I had went out the day before putting up fence, and put in about 8 to 10 T-posts with a hand driver (where it would be hard to get the tractor into), and a couple of 4x4 gate posts, I went in the house tired, my back hurting, and depressed!  I told my wife "I just can't do this any more, thirty years ago I could do this all day and not think a thing about it".  I guess it was the admitting to myself that I am getting too old. That got to me! So when I said I was dreading putting in some fence, I "really" was!  :)  The next morning when I used your driver for the first time, I think it brought that smile for several reasons, I was excited about how good that driver worked, and how fast and easy it was. But I think it gave me a little ego uplift I needed, not only that I can still put up fence (with the help of your driver), but maybe some self-esteem in general.  I was expecting to be tired, wore out, and a back ache after putting in fence all day, but after it

was done, I was still wanting to work on something, and no back ache! The down side is, I didn't get any pity from the wife. She knew I just had too much fun!

Thanks, Randy

----- Original Message   Randy's farm is in Indiana


Name:  Wanda Keffer                 
City :     Trego
State :  Mt.
Comment : >

          I should have written you along time ago. I just wanted to thank you for the T post driver. I also wanted to find out how you are doing with the sales of the drivers? I have told a lot of people about it. Hope they order from you. If you have any time give me a call some evening and we can talk. I would enjoy an update on your company.> Wanda.


Note from Mike > Wanda is 80yrs young. Wanda's son has a hurt back so he comes over and drives the tractor while she walks her fencerows putting up fence with the help from our Bucketdriver.

     I took a phone call from a farmer near Memphis Tnn. He thanked me and expressed how great our Driver 5 worked on his skid steer. He noted that he built a small frame to mount this Driver to. He said his wife had complained that he had gone way too far with this frame. So he let her put in 3 tee posts by hand and then they used my tool to set in the rest of the fence. She also now loves my Driver tool! And decided she had no complaint with his welded up frame.


Our Big Boys Toy  
    will take the work out of driving tee posts. Our Brochure is a good way to introduce's, products and pricing. If you have a friend that doen't have a computor with Internet? Our Brochure is used for selling our drivers by check. Please E-mail us the person's address at   [email protected]          Thanks  Z 
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