Safety and Disclaimer

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 Safety information, terms and conditions 

U.S. Department of Labor established guidelines for the American workforce (Occupational Safety and Health Act) or OSHA. This Act provides information to identify specific safety hazards and how best to comply. Employers, Supervisors, and Workers in the USA have responsibilities (Laws) under this Act Bucke-T-Driver in conjunction with OSHA has set forth terms and conditions in writing.


Safety Equipment and PPE Required

Safety glasses, gloves, steel toe safety shoes, hardhat, mobile communicational radios and knowledge of hand signals.


Hazards Present

Crush points, pinch points, freewheeling parts, shear and cutting points Each year 2600 farm workers are killed and 230,000 are disabled from accidents. Many different hazards when farming make this one of the most dangerous occupations. Safety is our main priority. Bucke-T-Driver understands the need to place Tee-posts in the ground and keeping safety in the forefront. Tee-posts will get placed safely and quickly with the Bucke-T-Driver.


Safety overview and rules

for operator with loader

Local Vocational Technical Schools offers or have knowledge of an Operator Safety Equipment Course to qualify your loader operator. A one or two day class with a passing certificate is offered through your State.
  1. Qualified tractor operator
  2. Loader design is specifically for that tractor

  3. Tractor is designed to stop, back-up, move forward, lift and tilt smoothly

  4. When operating watch out for obstructions

  5. Keep loader bucket low as possible without limiting sight of vision.

  6. Lower loader arms slowly and steadily

  7. Never allow riders

  8. Operate controls only when seated on tractor

  9. Never walk and or work under a raised loader

Bucke-T-Driver is designed to place any type Tee-post into reasonably soft dirt in a fencerow single handedly in daylight hours only. Incorporating a worker-helper to speed up production is when safety hazards realty get introduced into the mix and for this reason using and or loaning sharing of the Bucke-T-Driver places responsibility and liabilities on owner and operator.


 Mounting Bucke-T-Driver Safely 
  1. Choose mounting bracket and stile of Bucke-T-Driver I Thr V.
  2. Bucke-T products are primer painted the same as the pipe manufacture to stop rusting.
  3. Paint a safety color to match your loader before mounting.
  4. Choose mounting position, bolt and or weld onto loader bucket.Slip Bucke-T-barrel into mounted bracket and pin.
  5. Lower barrel into place slowly now insert safety clip into pin.
  6. Worker gets clear and safe, then and only then direct loader operator to set up on fencerow.
  7. Time saver- The Bucke-T-Driver is self-leveling and aligning when properly installed.
  8. Check each tee-post alignment by using a torpedo level.


 Bucke-T-Driver's Safety Review

  1.   Mobile communication and knowledge of hand signals
  2.  Loader Operator is in charge of job safety. Worker is in charge of operations.

  3. Operator only reacts to worker's voice and hand signals. They are back, forward, turning, tilting bucket back or downward, raise loader bucket up or down.

  4.  Worker does not walk under or in front of loader at any time. If worker display unsafe work ethic, the loader operator is obligated to shut this job down and restart safety training until both are on same safety page.

  5. The mounting and using of the Bucke-T-Driver has crush points, pinch points;  free wheeling parts, shear and cutting points now identify them all.

  6. Step back to safety, Signal loader operator into procession, freeze loader movement.

  7. Step up to place tee-post, hold tee-post at least 24" from top swing barrel out and insert your tee-post, swing barrel back into place with tee-post inserted. Have tee-post lean slightly in toward tractor.

  8.  Check alignment with tee-post in fencerow. If not aligned swing out barrel and remove tee-post. Lower barrel and release. Redo steps 4. and 5.

  9.  Step back to safety

  10. Direct loader operator to push fence-post smoothly downward and tilt to keep tee-post level.

  11. Halt loader operator from driving downward when tee-post is deep enough

  12.  Have loader operator lift and tilt to remove Bucke-T-Driver smoothly from fence-post "11. Instruct loader operator to line up slowly for the next fencepost installment. 12. Repeat procedure 4. through 11.

We all agree Bucke-T-Driver is far safer than trying to level your loader bucket out and slamming tee-post into the ground while a worker-helper is holding on to the tee-post for dear life. With the Bucke-T-Driver equipment movement must stop before worker-helper moves up to swing out the Bucke-T-Barrel and inserts a tee-post. Your worker-helper moves back to safety and direct the loader operator to press the tee-post into the soft ground. All these procedures and other similar procedures are practiced by US Industry and do prevent accidents.


In no way are we liable for the way you choose to operate our equipment.